Developmental Editing

Have an idea, dissertation, or long term project that could use a second pair of eyes?

I can help with…

  • conceiving and developing an idea
  • planning the overall structure of a book, essay, article, or research paper
  • developing an outline
  • writing a book proposal for a publisher
  • turning a completed PhD dissertation into a book
  • overcoming writer’s block
  • mentoring new writers with good ideas

Working closely with you, the author, I can provide a critical assessment of the work and direction for developing and completing it, whether a new idea, a long-term or shelved project, a manuscript nearing completion, a PhD dissertation in transition to a book manuscript, or most any other type of non-fiction writing project.

Client Testimonials:

“Dr. Pearson provided me with some of the most helpful editorial and content-based revisions that I have received from an editor in my academic career.”

“This process is just exactly what I needed to get this manuscript to place where I feel confident about putting it out there.”


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