Developmental Editing

I offer writing support for non-fiction projects before and during the production of the manuscript.

I can help with…

  • conceiving and developing an idea
  • planning the overall structure of a book, essay, article, or research paper
  • developing an outline
  • planning a textbook
  • overcoming writer’s block
  • mentoring new writers with good ideas

Working closely with you, the author, I can help to develop a new project from first idea to finished manuscript, or just get over the final bumps of publication.

My area of specialization is the humanities, specifically cultural studies, history, art, art history, museum studies, and indigenous studies. I have also worked on books and essays in the areas of sociology, religious studies, and criminology.

Client Testimonials:

“Dr. Pearson provided me with some of the most helpful editorial and content-based revisions that I have received from an editor in my academic career.”

“This process is just exactly what I needed to get this manuscript to place where I feel confident about putting it out there.”



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