I write comprehensive, structured, detailed, and most importantly, useful indexes for monographs and collections in the humanities, specializing in history, art, art history, cultural studies, Indigenous studies, film, photography, and visual studies.

My indexes rely on a close reading and deep understanding of the text to highlight themes, concepts, and ideas while creating links across terms through thoughtful and incisive cross-referencing. The result is more than the organization of information, it is an alternative way of reading  the book and navigating its contents. My primary aim is to create a tool that is useful to readers because it accurately reflects not just the content but also the arguments and ideas of the book.

Client Testimonials:

“You’ve done such a great job, and the way you cross-reference things would never have occurred to me and adds so much to the book.”

“My dream is for a review of my book to mention how great the index is.”

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